2-0-1-7 (first half)

So fast 1.5 years has passed since my last post. paiseh. Here we go with the first half of 2017. Wedding arrangements can be both a tiring yet rewarding experience so here’s to all the couples that passed this once a lifetime occasion with flying colors.


Another year, another late annual compilation post. I hope it does not come to December next year for 2017 post. :) Please enjoy the happenings of 2016 as it was a wonderful year with so many wonderful memories. Thank you again!!!!! ArigatoGozaimassssss!!!! as usual.. graphic warning .. WARNING !! IMAGE HEAVY !! jin tang. haha.

Hokkaido 2016 video

It’s been more than a year since I’ve updated this blog!! Paiseh paiseh. I’ve shared this video earlier in Facebook but just need to have it in my blog in case Facebook kaput one day. If you love love love nature and food, please make some time to drop by Hokkaido as this northern island