Yen and Jay :: Khom-Kham

These two are uncontrollable!! yes……. uncontrollably funny. I did had a rough storyboard though but really no need because they did more than improvise. It was all “shooting from the hip”, just like their personalities – unpretentious and direct. Fun and play all the way, with only a hint of lovey-dovey-ness as we will leave

Airbrush Demonstration by Angela

This airbrush demonstration was done a loooooooong time ago. Just had the time to edit. Didn’t have time to plan so it was all a mashup from the clips that was taken. Angela expert lai… it was all done in no time. TECH SPECS :: Worked backward on this one. Did the cutting in iMovie,

Cotsner and Jessie :: SDE

A wonderful way to wrap up a memorable 2011 where I got the chance to meet an array of wonderful couples on their best day. Was indeed a productive rabbit year. This was the first time I was shooting video as well as photo and doing Same Day Edit which I wasn’t sure I was