Let me keep this simple.

I laugh…alot.

I use the Canon Mk2… alot … still have my Nikon lenses.

I love movies. I love action movies. I love Private Ryan. I love Ridley Scott. I love watching music videos.

oh..what about wedding photography?
Most common question is “what’s your style”? I really cannot define my style, to be honest, coz it changes perpetually.
It changes to the tune of the couple, each melody is played differently. It will try hard to steer clear of pretensions and uniformity.
what about wedding day??
I am ninja… that laughs… alot. I stalk in the shadows. I tipitoe. I embrace the earth.
Will not obstruct a wedding day in anyway, the water is kept flowing. This is your day, not a private photoshoot.
If you love photography that has no boundaries, no rules, carefree abandon yet simple then I will fit in perfectly.

Still there and interested?? then…contact me : teetoojedi@gmail.com, phone me : + 6016-4865 777

My dream place… a full background plate for the movie, Totoro. i can just live here.