Sweet girl from KL came a visiting to penang, so did a quick shoot with her. Shot in around a quiet Saturday morning in the housing estate of Pulau Tikus. The sky was photogenic BLUE but super blazing HOT as well. Luckily, Renee aka Aki can tahan a bit, at least in the shadows of the houses that surround the neighbourhood.

Anyways, it was a short, sweaty but sweet outing, so enjoy by clicking on the picture below for ze slideshow.


  1. teetooooooooooooooo,
    u wrong spelling ma name nia..
    akiyoru-san n not akiyouru nia..
    sob sob T________________T

  2. I came across your pbase page by chance, and i became addicted to your photography, i think its not about being professional, it is about being an artist.

    I have also noticed that you have a special thing for legs, haha, after all, aren’t we all? ;)

    Terrific shots.

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