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Northern Hokkaido 2018 Blog :: Wakkanai :: Day 5 – Earthquake Iburi hits

We woke up and packed our stuff as today, unfortunately, was our last day in Rebun island before we depart to mainland Wakkanai to continue our journey to East Hokkaido. As we were chowing down our breakfast, the owners of Pension Uni told us of an earthquake which happened at night around Iburi subprefecture, pretty …


Northern Hokkaido 2018 Blog :: Rebun :: Day 4 – Arrival of Typhoon Jebi

Middle of the night, we were woken up by the constant pounding of the wind against the window pane as Typhoon Jebi passed us above. Being a “typhoon virgin” , we were of course afraid that it might blow Pension Uni from its foundation just like Wizard of Oz… But thankfully, that didn’t happen. The …