Harmony Hafla: Malaysia 2nd World Belly Dance Day Charity Event

Organised by Zero Fitness Dance Studio, this charity event’s aim is to raise funds for the Children Protection Society and Sam Cheng Everloving Care. The people who contributed to this worthy cause exceeded RM33k in donations! It was a real effort!! The lineup of belly dancers was impressive as they came from all over the

Bon Odori Festival 2009 Penang

This year’s Bon Odori started for me quite early, at 5.30pm and it ended quite early too as me and my gang decided to beat the jam and left at around 9pm, not witnessing a fireworks display scheduled an hour later, like previous years. yeah, I’ve never seen the fireworks display in Bon Odori before

Nikonian Academy : Wedding Portraiture

Organised by Nikonian Academy as part of their Penang Outing Seminar, I found time to attend this one on Friday, the only free day of my weekend. The Wedding portraiture seminar was led by Jim Liaw, a renown international wedding photographer. It was much on theory/practise and posing as there wasn’t enough time for hands-on