Memories that remain…(Mamma Mia : The Musical)

“…Our last summer Morning croissants Living for the day, worries far away” These are the same feelings I had when I was watching the amazing Mamma Mia : The Musical in the acoustically superior Dewan Budaya in KL. The wonderful smell of croissants aside, I was really drawn into the musical world created by Benny

Feeling a little 80’s

Yeah. Suddenly got the feeling for some 80s songs in which I was growing up and coming of age… or I thought I was. Then I went YouTubing for some videos that I’ve missed, the first female solo I searched was Kim Wilde – Brit, pro garderner, lovely voice and turning a graceful 48 this

Different Strobes for Different Folks…

Strobing… something that I’ve never really tried after years and years of almost no-flash photography. It has suddenly hit me outta the blue! It started when I went to buy this china-made flash-radio-trigger and reciever – to test just for fun… then it suddenly open a whole new pandora box. One thing lead to another,