TALENT : PUPPAIR (ชนากาณต์ ตระกูลมงคลสุข) LOCATION : AD LIB HOTEL, BANGKOK BUDDIES : g3k, alex ~ F I N ~


Gosh. Time sure files. Before i even had time to count my receeding hair, a year has passed by. Whoot!! Just like that. 2014 has been a very fun year. Was very very lucky and appreciative to have the opportunity to be a part of so many weddings – from Venti to Grande. All of

Bangkok International Motorshow 2015

It feels great to be back in Bangkok and even more, the motorshow, which I missed for the last 2 years. The jostling for position, noise, S&P bacon, the dancing, it’s all here. Enjoy ze pics .. :) BONUS << F I N >>