Digital Harinezumi tests

Just got this toy cam from Trying it out. It produces “blur” and out-color pics and soundless videos with lots of focus issues… mimicking the old type of video cams. Shiok nia. haha. Have a look. All out from the cam. The Toy Cam. Very small, plasticky and light The pics, erm…… not sharp.

DIY Honeycomb

Gosh. I spent the night between 12am till the better part of 2am building this DIY Honeycomb (for construction details, please google search “DIY Honeycomb“). It focuses the flash beam to a much closer space instead of covering a wide area. The best part is the edges of the beam has a soft effect to

There’s still light after dark

I was working on some 3D stuff when suddenly the TNB-powered electricity supply decided to shut down half of our neighborhood of a good 1/2 mile in diameter, all shrouded into total darkness. As the last ions of the LCD monitor flickers into blackness, what to do? It was hot and stuffy indoors with those