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Japan 2023 – Nagano, Niigata & Shizuoka : Introduction and Arrival

It’s our first trip back to Japan since 2019, and we were incredibly excited for this long-awaited journey. As always, we opted for the ever-reliable Singapore Airlines to travel from Penang to Nagoya’s Chubu Centrair Airport via a short layover at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Since I can’t sleep on airplanes, I figured I might as …


Northern Hokkaido 2018 Blog :: Wakkanai Soup Curry and Hotate :: Day 8 and 9

The next morning, it would be Google-search time as we searched for a new adventure. Then, E spotted a soup curry establishment. We had never forgotten the mouth-watering soup curry we had in Sapporo two years ago and wanted to rekindle that happiness. So off we went walking again, and upon reaching it, it was …