This trip was exactly a year from this post, which was part of my company trip, finally. The first picture somewhat describes Hanoi. Chaotic road system and crossing the road as a pedestrian is just walk. If the chicken has to cross the road, just cross. The whizzing motocycles, cars, trishaws, dogs, bicycles will skillfully

Bangkok in a night (and my name is not Fifi)

An enjoyable trip up north to our friendly neigbours in Thailand, shooting and feasting like pigs in a suburb town of Huai Khwang. The night market has lots to offer, from toys, uncensored magazines to all kinds of food, including bugs for anyone who is in for a dare. Although the roads are extremely busy

Tiny Paintings

Having a bit of time after the Singapore wedding, we headed to the Underwater World at Sentosa. Here are some clippets of the rather “small” aquamarine exhibit. The dolphin show was cancelled which was a downer – and with no discount whatsoever. but we did enjoyed ourselves immersing in a pseudo-creation of the deep blue