Singapore 08-2010 :: Of mangos and iphones

Being a late adopter, I finally got an iphone. Steve Jobs wait no more… and it’s not the V4 too. I got it on the day me and ma wife left for Singapore. Bungling with the controls… I even switched on Data Roaming!! The first night, we went out wif my buddy, hko and louise,

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

My second visit to the Land Below the Wind, Sabah – beautiful BLUE SEA, nice breeze and I wouldn’t mind coming back here again … Some of the pics are from my “Me and the World” project where I would try to take, if possible, a solitude figures against their environment. One of the days,

Krabi Day Jilo One

After checking in Air Asia Flight to LCCT, we sat and makan at Penang airport’s McDonalds … My boss and my colleague, who was on a business trip heard “Toh Chin Eng, please proceed to Gate 6” several times thru the PA system… We were still enjoying our RM5 ValueMeal McD breakfast… … yes, we