This is my 3rd visit to the Dance Sport C’ship. I bought the RM50 tickets hoping to be on the dance floor area like previous years, but alas, the RM50 ticket holders were “relegated” to the stands which stood for the RM20 previously. So the floor could cater for the more expensive dinner tables only, well… it brings in more $$$ for the organisers, I suppose. But what was significantly reduced were the number of foreign dancers as compared previously. The standards were high though. But Malaysians has got quite a long way to match those from other countries, tho there was a M’sian Latin pair which got 2nd – they were good! China brought in talent which was unsurpassed, clinching almost every category they entered. Only one British Ballroom dance pair disrupted the clean sweep with smooth ballroom grace, gliding the floors almost effortlessly.

Well, since I was up on the stands, there wasn’t much I could shoot this year… so what you guys will mostly see are shots from practically the same location. Sorry, guys. But during the later stages, I manage to get onto the floor for the winning dances. Well, it’s better than nothing.

Enjoy the show!

Dance Sport – Click on picture below!!!!!


  1. Ya, Jolene. Actually Penang got lots of events which we know nothing about, sumore no proper website wan. Haiz. Malaysia. But I kept track of this particular one becoz I love to watch dancing myself, tho I can’t dance at all! haha. Thanks Jolene for the comments. :)

  2. ckvin:: ya! Best of the best d. well, at least can c some international class performances! Thanks, buddy. The lighting was good d. all have to do is click nia. haha.

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