It’s been more than a year since I’ve updated this blog!! Paiseh paiseh. I’ve shared this video earlier in Facebook but just need to have it in my blog in case Facebook kaput one day. If you love love love nature and food, please make some time to drop by Hokkaido as this northern island of Japan serves up one wonderful nature wonderland and fresh produce esp. milky kind and fishy kind. These pluses already made this island our favorite in Japan. Shoppers don’t fret – Chitose Airport alone can keep you shopping all day and together with the underground shopping arcade of Sapporo, they form a deadly wallet-thinning duo. #jtrip #visitjapan #hokkaido


A brief observation of each locale we visited.
CHITOSE – The airport alone is a shopping haven. We visited Lake Shikotsu too.
TOYA – Amazing lake view with Mount Usu still very much active.
NISEKO – Stunning autumn (Aki) leaves throughout our drive thru Mount Niseko. We dropped by Shinsennuma marshland.
SHAKOTAN – My must visit place and the wonderful weather made it such a wonderful experience. Great ocean drive! but i missed makan the uni!!!
OTARU – Tourist town but I felt has much to offer other than Otaru Canal. Need to revisit again. LeTao is a must. Saw salmons swimming upstream in the longkang.
ASAHIKAWA – The Aeon is huge and so is the beautiful architecture of Asahikawa Station. Satelite town before Biei.
BIEI – Rolling hills and so pretty to look at – even not in peak season. Scenic drive. Ohya.. Blue Lake. simply jin sui.
FURANO – Just remnants of it’s pretty lavenders left. Must try the melons – i mean the fruit. First sampat experience of snow.
Will return for Asahidake next round because of its closure due to heavy snowfall.
SAPPORO – Makan Makan Makan with lots of big-ass crows. Pole Town and Aurora Town of the Underground Arcade will keep you there for days.

As a nature lover, we had the honour to spot these animals : Ezo Deer, Ezo Fox (x3), Ezo Squirrel and of coz, the crow.

Song : 嵐 ファイトソング by Arashi

Hokkaido 2016 from teetoo on Vimeo.


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