• Alan

    I love that orange colour, but I think it’s vertically too long for my taste lah! Just my 2 cents. Hehehe.

  • YN

    Hi T2, great idea to have a logo. You should start creating a brand for yourself. But I have to agree that vertically it’s a bit long. It’ll look great if you make it a square.

    So are you going to explain what it represents?

  • Teetoo

    Kobian:: Thanks for the idea man. I will slowly evolve it. and will certainly go squarer.. good to have feedback.
    TN:: hehe. TQ. It reads “T2” in braille. like if i got card (sekarang tadak), i can embossed so the visually impaired can know as well.

  • achiet

    cool logo….too long? doesn’t it longer the better? wahahah~~ long and red even better….yours one orange |||O.O


  • Teetoo

    achiet:: hahaha. longer = better. kausai lu. kham-phoi ma. hohoho.

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