Organised by Nikonian Academy as part of their Penang Outing Seminar, I found time to attend this one on Friday, the only free day of my weekend. The Wedding portraiture seminar was led by Jim Liaw, a renown international wedding photographer. It was much on theory/practise and posing as there wasn’t enough time for hands-on approach even tho he spoke for a good 3-hours non-stop in the cold hotel function room. Very informative and lots to learn in terms of finding light and posing techniques for brides. Will all the information in, only practise will hone was is learnt. Hopefully, i can remmeber what was shared. haha.

The only time these pictures shown are taken is after the seminar in a 20-minute shooting frenzy. Too bad there wasn’t enough time as the the hotel, Hydro Majestic, offers good locations all around.

This shot was taken around the exit/entrance of the hotel toilet. haha.
Funny locations can sumtimes yearn results… altho had to crop of the “TOILET” words.
lucky the toilet is clean la.

I just love her laugh!


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