Bangkok in a night (and my name is not Fifi)

An enjoyable trip up north to our friendly neigbours in Thailand, shooting and feasting like pigs in a suburb town of Huai Khwang.
The night market has lots to offer, from toys, uncensored magazines to all kinds of food, including bugs for anyone who is in
for a dare. Although the roads are extremely busy and jam packed, it was very bearable coz most of the public transports
are using Natural Gas instead of petrol – which leads to lesser oxide emission. i LIKE bAngkok.

…and don’t call every dog with random names, some may not find it pleasing. kakaak.

kautim sai. karp……


  • g3k

    good karp…

  • ckvin


  • toshio


  • achiet

    keong krap~

  • MH


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