Angela & Jovi MV :: Safe

First couple video after getting my camera 2 months back. Shot near the airport in Penang, Malaysia. Thanks to Angela and Jovi for the participation and esp. to Angela who had to run quite a bit here and there – chuan lo….. and she runs sipek fast wan. And sumore they had to do “acting”,

Ewe Lim & Li Chen SDE

When the morning started with such wonderfully deep blue clean skies, one will feel it was going to be a great day – and it was. The relax going nature of the wedding was a welcoming change with the groom leaving quite late to fetch the bride and yet, everything went smoothly as planned. Upon

Ray & Tracy SDE

Ray has been my friend for the last 13 years this year, having been very “siao” (crazy) colleagues for a good 5 years before he ventured out and have been in contact since. Then one find day, he dropped the news that he was getting married after a very very long courtship with Tracy. I