Suss :: Honeymoon MV

Starring a very very talented Suss whom without, won’t work d. She was amazing in her portrayal of this painful character. She doesn’t smoke but her character does, so kinda hard to do the smoking part but i think can pass lah. Buddies with me shooting this team project is TY ( and Jack (

“Honeymoon” is a loose term to describe a stage of drug-abuse right before getting into the real deal – full time drug addiction. It tells of each person having to make a CHOICE, crossroads which we make everyday – like sliding doors – each paving a way to different destinations – good or bad, it’s up to the choices we make. Sometimes, all we need to do is just look out the window and see the light – broaden our vision – answers are there, just within our reach. (hokkien we say “seem khua khui” or “heart see open”. hahaha)

The music score used here is “Hitori (endroll version)”. The end-credits of “Hitori (single version)” is performed by Mika Nakashima.

All shot with Nikon D80+50mm and Sony R1. Post production in Photoshop 7.0 and After Effects 6.0. Njoy.

[hdplay id=2 width=640 height=480 ]


  • Derick

    wahhh…so many masterpieces suddenly, i need to take time to digest..LOL! as usual, good stuffs you have bro :)

  • Milan

    This is FANTASTIC! So when you wanna buy a video cam huhh? =) This is real good. Love it.

  • teetoo

    Derick:: TQTQ… now more relax period so ma update as much as possible and also “backup” to server oso these old videos.
    Milan:: I wish got $$$ to invest in a good video cam lo. So song do video. Suss, the girl, is da BEST in portraying this much confuse character. She contributed a huge chunk to this video. :)

  • Donny T

    wah…video also lomo :p geng!

  • edwin tan

    this master piece until today still leave a very unforgettable memory.. a great master piece…

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  • daniel


  • edwin tan

  • Edwin

    sifu, i am thinking to do similar shoots with 5DMark2 capability.. and hope to work with u, TY & jack..i dont mind come to Penang to do it.. if interested, pls reply ya..

  • Teetoo

    kaka. Thanks guys. This was one of the most happiest results. I wasn’t even sure I had enough pictures to make the whole nearly 5 minutes of slow sombre music. Thankfully, had After Effects to do some of the light-effects that manage to fill the pics to the end of the story.

  • Joseph Teo

    Great video and plot; nostalgia in other words. It would be interesting if it’s in a video format. hehe! Applause to u!

  • Daniel Yap

    Very nice piece of work! Salute to all of you. The arrangement of the photos and choice of music is perfect.

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