DIY Honeycomb

Gosh. I spent the night between 12am till the better part of 2am building this DIY Honeycomb (for construction details, please google search “DIY Honeycomb“). It focuses the flash beam to a much closer space instead of covering a wide area. The best part is the edges of the beam has a soft effect to it. so nice. Try building one for yourself. The endproduct, the setup and construction are detailed in the picture below. No major photoshopping in this one, except that I boosted the color of the ouput a bit, added a bit more saturation.


  • achiet

    ehhh~~ siok nya…need to explore on this as well d…

    wat kind of effect or usage can we use with this? just to concentrate and narrow the light source?

  • teetoo

    achiet… ya. it narrows the lights source to a smaller “circle”, if not using it, the lights would cast a bigger “circle”.

  • ashotiwoth

    tauke – ur DIY light bulb, use wat to do ah? now thinking of DIY-ing some studio-lighting-like stuffs… hhahah :)

  • Teetoo

    anand:: DIY lightbulb ar… nanti i search.. there… It’s called “spiderlight”. Takes a bit more to do then the honeycomb.

  • ashotiwoth

    cantik – thanks! :)

  • edwin tan

    this is great!!!!

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