This trip was exactly a year from this post, which was part of my company trip, finally.

The first picture somewhat describes Hanoi. Chaotic road system and crossing the road as a pedestrian is just walk. If the chicken has to cross the road, just cross. The whizzing motocycles, cars, trishaws, dogs, bicycles will skillfully avoid collision. It’s like playing “Frogger” by just walking straight.

The vietnamese beef noodle soup (above,left) is a MUST try! Tastes delicious.. the chicken version is not that power

Above, taking a leak at the nearest wall is nothing new. There are lots of dried proof on the walls

Above, Halong bay don’t look that great with a murky sky

Above, St. Joseph’s Cathedral (Nha Tho Lon) looks absolutely epic with its dark-ish exterior. Would fit in Gotham anytime.

wanna cross? just walk……

This last picture is my favorite. A double exposure gone wrong.. but for some reason, I adored it like a faulted painting.

Finally, a selfie(s) … with a penguin. (this pic is using handphone la.. bo huat)
Camera : Minolta SRT 101
Films : 2 rolls of Provia 100F (expired), 1 roll of Fujifilm 200, 1 roll of Fujifilm 400, 1 roll of Fujifilm 100 12-rolls and lots of luck.

Travelling with only film is really fun as the results is pretty surprising with some not so pretty ones. That is the beauty of film.
It is Forrest Gump and the box of chocolates. With the only exception that this chocolate, you have to open the box, eat it and see what comes out.  I love the idea of unscripted results, the randomness. More and more travels will be using predominantly film from now on.

Though I will love the idea of a wedding using only film, but that will be a little too much to depend on such an important occasion with no rewinds.
But using film will certainly be part of the plan as time goes on. It is so much exciting (for photographer la…haha), so Forrest Gump.

~ F I N ~


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