This year’s Bon Odori started for me quite early, at 5.30pm and it ended quite early too as me and my gang decided to beat the jam and left at around 9pm, not witnessing a fireworks display scheduled an hour later, like previous years. yeah, I’ve never seen the fireworks display in Bon Odori before but nevertheless, it was great enjoying to the songs, dances and drum performances. The crowd came in all sorts of attires, some in yukatas and even a number of cosplayers. The participation was good from the crowd as everyone danced to the same familiar tunes that is played every year. Again, a great experience to soak up this annual japanese event with my buddies. Dance on, Rasa Sayang!



  1. Ivy :: TQTQ. it was indeed a very colorful and also color coordinated too, despite the amount of colors.
    Jolene ::haha. walang cabut before the fireworks, to avoid the sardine jam. hai, i think cannot find me in the dark, if morning can la – my forehead can shine ma. hohoho.

  2. ho hoho can shine @@” hahaha keng

    but when i see ur pic… i was just standing few feet away from u nia…. u r at my left left left lol

    ya my teacher stuck for 1 hour just to reach there to fetch us… lol

  3. oh. left left left… a lot of position i tukar lo. hehe. ohyes, when i left at 9pm lidat, the jam TO the venue is crazy..

  4. haha i like ur pic….. very nice…
    yes very very jam….. @@;; but is fun lo…

    what dslr model r u using har? wanted to buy 1 haha
    if is D300 i pass lol

  5. TQTQ, jolene. i think everyone rushing to c fireworks, causing the jam. I using D3. hehe. D300 oso good cam lo. any cam oso good wan, know how to take most important. :)

  6. ya but hor… $$ must take into considerationa also .. and the weight too.. @@”‘ i like carrying camera around but too heavy later ill have broken neck @@”‘

    as for the firework hor… far far also can see ma… lol but ppl causing all the jam @@”

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