This is the continuation of the earlier prelude album. The simple bridal-pickup was fast, breezy and fast! did i say fast again? haha. Then it was off to their house for the tea-ceremony… then I realise why they had to be fast earlier… a lot of relatives! haha… but nonetheless, it was the fastest and most coordinated tea-ceremony with a list already derived. The ceremony was an event by itself with the sheer amount of fun they had as the tea was flowing and so were the ang-pows. After that, it was food again! oh yeah… fun-filled and food-filled. Congratulations to Tze Ming and Riwa… as well as Tze Ming’s newly “defection” to the Nikon camp! hahaha… and so fast, a new “baby” was “born” in a D700. :)

Here are the selected pics for the day… there is still there night session. till den, enjoy.


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