Organised by Zero Fitness Dance Studio, this charity event’s aim is to raise funds for the Children Protection Society and Sam Cheng Everloving Care. The people who contributed to this worthy cause exceeded RM33k in donations! It was a real effort!!

The lineup of belly dancers was impressive as they came from all over the globe. A mixture of classical and fusion belly dancing was in store, and gosh, it was a real spectacle! The dance routine were intricate and a lot of influx from other dances were fused into a cacophony of movements and grace. and there were FAST!! Its like pressing the fast forward button on the VCR most of the time. It was tough shooting as the girls were moving up, down, left, right, spin up, spin down….. using Continuous Servo ain’t easy also because we just can’t anticipate the performer’s directional change – like shooting a flying butterfly. haha. I thought belly dancing was just shaking like Beyonce… but was I wrong – it involves lots of hand gestures, physical speed, facial expressions and some even tell stories. And also a LOT of time and effort is put in to dish out such movements! Kudos to the performers!

My buddies are achiet and g3k.

some more at my smugmug…


  1. Nice gallery! Lovely lighting. Did you use your 85/1.4? Noise free images! New D3s is coming, time for you to upgrade?? HE HE HE HE.

    Wonderful shots!

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