KT & Sher Bridals … the making of video

Having a bit of fun shooting “making of” the bridal shoot that was under the previous post. This bridal shoot was finished some 3 months back but I held back this DVD-rated video until after their wedding – which was shown as one of their slideshows that night. Can c abit on how we shoot our bridals lah. hahaha. sneeeekssss peeeks. As I was switching between video n photo… I couldn’t get some of the stills so some still shots are at my shooting buddies finished product which can be seen toshio’s hut. Midway towards our shooting, we met up with some of our photography buddies who were carrying differently worded cardboard cards from a separate shoot – well, we couldn’t let them off, right? Thanks to all of them who were a sport! yeah.

Tech specs : No color grading, direct from 5D, editing in powerhungry Premiere. bleep intended.


  • MH

    Nice work, can see that the couple was really enjoy the shooting :)

  • evaeva

    weeee…….love the video!!! weeeeeeee~~~ keattt ahhh :P btw, i love the song as well! what is the song title!!?

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