Siew Tien and Kok Hou :: My Hands

First n foremost, thanks banyak-banyak to the couple for homing us both in the excellent mosquito-netted-bed Kalamandu Resort in tranquil Ubud – which incidentally is also where the Julia Robert’s movie, Eat/Pray/Love, was shot. Reminds me to watch the movie lo.
Love = equates Siew Tien and Kok Hou
Eat = that’s what we did from the moment we stepped off the airport till we left the airport
Pray = erm, dat was in my mind when Siew Tien asked me if i could do the video. hahahaa.
To be honest, I was a bit aprehensive – having coming to Bali without a video plan. But thanks to her push and sexy weather, i’m glad i focused on it and went thru with it. phew… Eat/Pray/Love.

During editing proper, I had no songs in my mind at all. You see, I like to watch Final Fantasy trailers – it had beautiful graphics and damn wicked camera angles. And plus to that, the closing credit trailer of Final Fantasy XIII was also rendered by this lovely piece sang by Leona Lewis, My Hands. It was epic and made editing a breeze.

You can catch some extra words in my Vimeo plus the tech stuff. Kok Hou & Siew Tien :: My Hands HD from teetoo on Vimeo.


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