Cotsner and Jessie :: SDE

A wonderful way to wrap up a memorable 2011 where I got the chance to meet an array of wonderful couples on their best day. Was indeed a productive rabbit year.
This was the first time I was shooting video as well as photo and doing Same Day Edit which I wasn’t sure I was going to complete in the first place. Thankfully the wedding ended quite early – and there was quite a bit of time in-between. Trusting iMovie and a Macbook Air 2nd Gen, it was video-editing on a wing and a prayer. That was also when I discovered both had enough juice to do SDE. Maybe the Air was complaining with the internal fan blowing out loud, “Oi… enugh liao laaaa. want me KO ar?”. After compiling, time wasn’t a friend anymore… but luckily made it with enough time to spare. phew. The bride-fetching antics were very funny, and the sporting guys made it so.

CONGRATULATIONS to this two funny fellas lah.. we finished the night not merely as photographer/married-couple but as friends. :)

Have a view and try not to vomit in front of your PC/Mac/phone…coz obviously, no steady-equipments were used. shaky cam again.

** footnote : i am still a cameraman, i did this video SDE by virtue i knew the games is gonna be “khom-kham” (funny) and i tot it would look better with video and also cotsner knew that I might not be able to finish on time for SDE also. For “proper” video production, do still contact your favorite videographer ya. **


  • toshio

    sui!!! ~ho liao!!!

  • achiet

    so fun~ no sliders also can do sliders effect~ keat!

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